PICKERING VOTES: Meet Pickering mayoral candidate Janice Frampton

By being elected mayor, a longtime Pickering resident who wants openness and accountability at city hall expects to have the chance to make sure it occurs.

Janice Frampton, who opposes an airport in Pickering, also claims that the city's excessive expansion was a major factor in her decision to run.

“I refuse to allow outside big condo developers to come in, destroy, decide and dictate the future direction of this city,” she said. “Pickering council had a moral obligation to consult with its citizens in this regard. Council has ignored us for the last time.”

Frampton, a retired entrepreneur who spent 35 years working for an airline, has always kept a close watch on political issues.

“Over the past years, I've been involved in a lot of local and some provincial advocacy work, always keeping a pulse on what is happening in our community,” she says.

She founded the Taxpayers Coalition of Pickering and Ajax, served as vice president, and organized the biggest No More Taxes Rally in Canada.

In 1994, Frampton ran for Ward 1 and has worked as a volunteer and campaign manager in both provincial and federal elections.

She supports and believes in equal opportunity for everybody when it comes to diversity. “Pickering has a wonderfully diverse population,” she says. “I would ask community leaders how best to engage and encourage all groups to participate in activities and employment opportunities for the betterment of the city. It's the best way we can learn and grow from one another.”


• Condos: According to her, community engagement is crucial and overdevelopment without enough infrastructure must be allowed to continue.

• Business Development: According to Frampton, it's crucial to maintain present enterprises operating.

• Transparency and accountability - According to her, it's time for a council that supports community-based debate and is transparent and accountable.

If elected, Frampton intends to abolish OPA 38 (The Kingston Road Corridor Intensification Plan), get a forensic accounting review, and create a new citizens waterfront task force within the first 100 days.

Frampton has been living in Pickering for 38 years and has been married to her husband Phil for 41 years. They have four children, eight grandkids, two dogs, and two cats living with them.

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