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Help Re-Elect Dan Carter Oshawa Mayor

Mayor Carter has been a vital figure in helping bring new developments and businesses to Oshawa and as a result, building a stronger city over the years. We would like to show the same continued support during his re-election campaign.

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oshawa mayor

Please be aware that all candidates are bound by very strict rules as per the Municipal Elections Act:

The maximum contribution limit per person is $1200. This amount includes all cash and in-kind donations and any fund-raising events (e.g. tickets).

The maximum amount that one contributor can give to candidates in the same jurisdiction is $5,000.

Only contributions less than $25 can be made in cash.

Candidates cannot accept donations from any corporation, business, group (e.g. clubs, associations) or trade unions.

To donate, you must be a resident in Ontario.

A complete list of rules and eligibility requirements can be found here.

Dan Carter Thanks You in Advance for Your Support!

Dan Carter Thanks You In Advance

For Your Support!

Meet the Candidates


Running for Mayor

The current Mayor, Shaun Collier, is running for re-election and he's up against 3 opponents—Colin Hubble, Gary Reader, and Arthur Augustine

Colin Hubble

Gary Reader

Arthur Augustine

Running for Council

  • Ward 1: Rob Tyler- Morin, Andras Adaikkalam and Arshad Awan.
  • Ward 2: Ashmeed Khan, Selladurai Jeyakumaran, Azhar Khan, Ramon Estaris and Nancy Henry
  • Ward 3: Lisa Bower and Liliane Niyongabo Kisoro

Running for Regional Council

  • Ward 1: Marilyn Crawford and Intab Ali.
  • Ward 2: Sterling Lee, Vic Jagmohan and Adam Bashir
  • Ward 3: Joanne Dies, Daniel Corrigan


Running for Mayor

Adrian Foster, the current mayor, is being challenged by Joe Neal, Tom Dingwall, and Mirko Pejic.

Running for Council

  • Ward 1: Robert Livingstone, Larey Reynolds, Sami Elhajjeh and Steven Conway
  • Ward 2: Lloyd Rang and Ryan Kerr
  • Ward 3: Marven Whidden, Glenn Baswick and Corinna Traill
  • Ward 4: Margaret Zwart, Jim Abernethy and Christy Gunaratnam

Running for Regional Council

  • Wards 1 and 2: Janice Jones (Local Councillor Ward 2), Granville Anderson and Bernard Sanchez.
  • Wards 3 and 4: Willie Woo


Running for Mayor

Dan Carter, the current mayor of Oshawa, is up against Joe Ingino and Sara Lear.

Running for Council

  • Ward 1: Theresa Anne Corless, Ahmad Rashed Formuly, and Rosemary McConkey
  • Ward 2: Jonathan Giancroce, Jane Hurst, Jim Lee, Julia McCrea, John Sturdy and Amin Ullah
  • Ward 3: Timothy Dobson, Bradley Marks, Amber Derby and Joe Shaw
  • Ward 4: James Bountrogiannis, Fred Eismont, Derek Giberson, Mark Logan and Dave Thompson
  • Ward 5: Taylor Shane Bailey, Karrie Lynn Dymond, John Gray and Amanda Jean Lewis

Running for Regional Council

  • Ward 1: John Neal, Christopher Parkinson and Rosaldo Russo
  • Ward 2: Lina Fouroughy and Tito-Dante Marimpietri
  • Ward 3: Bob Chapman and Jemma Lambert
  • Ward 4: Jeff Davis, Rick Kerr and Doug Sanders
  • Ward 5: Alex Down, Todd Forbes and Brian Nicholson


Running for Mayor

Dave Ryan, the current mayor, announced his retirement. Bradley Nazar, Janice Frampton, and Kevin Ashe are the three candidates vying for the top position.

Running for Council

  • Ward 1: James Blair, Tony Harold, Tony Harold, Raveena Rajasingham, Lisa Robinson, Karen Sloan, Jeanine Soligo, and Anthony Michael Yacub.
  • Ward 2: Dave Currie, Frank McGillan, Mara Nagy, Ayesha Sardar, George David Turner, and Nancy Van Rooy.
  • Ward 3: Shaheen Butt, Ali Naqvi, Darshan Sritharan, and Damian Williams.

Running for Regional Council

  • Ward 1: Maurice Brenner (Local Councillor Ward 1) and Tom Hayes.
  • Ward 2: Linda Cook, Eileen Higdon, Ali Marani, and Gary Strange.
  • Ward 3: David Pickles and Peter Rodrigues.


Running for Mayor

No Competition

Due to Mayor Bobbie Drew's retirement and there being no other competition, Wilma Wotten will step into the Mayor’s role.

Running for Council

  • Ward 1: David LeRoy
  • Ward 2: Janna Guido
  • Ward 3: Robert Rock
  • Ward 4: Harold Wright
  • Ward 5: Ivo Finotti, Terry Coyne and Imran (Louie) Mohammed

Running for Regional Council

Wotten's position on the Regional Council is filled by Ward 1 Local Councilor Ian McDougall.


Running for Mayor

Don Mitchell, the current mayor of Whitby, is stepping down this year and won't run re-election. Evan Griffiths, Deidre Newman, and Elizabeth Roy are battling for his position at the table.

Running for Council

  • Ward 1: Steve Lee
  • Ward 2: Matt Cardwell, Lori Lopes, Kamlesh Patel, Jim Skenderis, Anjali Thorve
  • Ward 3: Joanne Drumm and Niki Lunquist.
  • Ward 4: Victoria Bozinovski, P.G. Case, John Rinella, Rajat Sharma

Running for Regional Council

Whitby's Regional Councillors are not chosen through a ward system like those in other municipalities. All candidates face off and the top four are elected.

The candidates are; Michael G. Emm, Ron Kapuscinski, Christopher Leahy, Vasu Mallula, Rhonda Mulcahy, Dave Sansom, Maleeha Shahid, and Steve Yamada.


Running for Mayor

No Competition

Since no one campaigned against Dave Barton, he will continue to serve as mayor of Uxbridge.

Running for Council

  • Ward 1: Pamela Beach and Dominic Morrissey
  • Ward 2: Patrick Molloy and Gordon Shreeve
  • Ward 3: Zed Pickering, J.P. Herold, and John Haddock
  • Ward 4: Willie Popp
  • Ward 5: Todd Snooks, Christine McKenzie and Erin Jones

Running for Regional Council

Bruce Garrod, a councillor for Ward 3, and Jack Ballinger are vying for the one open seat for Uxbridge on Regional Council.

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